As the 2022 Goa Assembly elections are fast approaching we have been witnessing with deep anguish the sagging levels of Goa’s political class which is by the day only getting further corroded. The latest needless discourse over caste and religion is in utter bad taste.

This current debate is disturbing for those of us who have grown up in the warmest company of a multitude of friends hailing from all creeds, communities and castes.

We are all on a short voyage, the end of which we know not. So let us live and cherish every day we have caring and loving the entire human community at large. Goa and Goans have been known to be unique and we must not allow that distinctive fabric to be ruptured by the senseless and perverse that have descended on our political turf.  The Political arena cannot be about personalities or religious and caste differences. It is much more than that!

We need to rectify the current willful neglect and stagnation of Goa by ensuring that we have politicians of competence, honesty, dedication, experience and selfless determination above all else.

We must always firmly believe that Temples, Mosques and the Churches besides other places of worship should be our focal points to unite diverse communities instead of creating rifts amongst us. For we are all children of that one loving and tolerant God.

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