The treacherous exit from the Congress Party by the always ego puffed Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourenco was expected and comes as no surprise. His recent midnight meeting with BJP leaders says it all.

In Reginaldo Lourenco’s expected, disgruntled exit, the Congress should be relieved that some of its remaining political thrash has been finally emptied and is down the sewage line. And whatever other dirt remains within the Congress, the faster it is off-loaded the better it is for Goa and the Party.

It was in fact surprising that the Congress Party recently went all out to pacify the Curtorim MLA with premium bread, butter and cheese without sensing that their over ambitious MLA had planned and was looking to move elsewhere.

Reginaldo Lourenco falsely projected himself as a smart MLA, something that he proved otherwise by foolishly moving a resolution in the Goa Legislative Assembly some years ago that women should be barred from wearing scarves around their faces. An embarrassed Reginaldo had to beat a hasty retreat and withdraw his words which only exposed how immature and dumb the Curtorim MLA was.

Over the last few years Reginaldo was very opposed to Luizinho Faleiro who he always blamed for his political alienation and stagnation. Won’t it be now interesting to see the former Curtorim MLA being part of his new political abode headed by the very same Luizinho Faleiro?

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