As we prepare to celebrate on 3rd December the Feast of Goa’s Patron Saint, St Francis Xavier, let us all regardless of Creed, Caste or Community seek our great Saint’s Divine intervention to steer the now sinking Goa through these current troubled and turbulent times.

We need to applaud the Rector of the Bom Jesus Basilica Rev Fr. Patricio Fernandes for having along with his dedicated team so very ably overseeing the well organized arrangements and logistics of the current Novenas.

It’s time that politicians at places of Worship are treated like common citizens and given no VIP treatment as in the eyes of God we are all equal before a Temple, Mosque or Church.

The Politicians should perhaps take a cue from the Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican and learn that humility and sincerity always pays and not arrogance of standing in the front row to boast of closeness to God with no sincere belief nor prayer or penance for all their misdeeds. They should heed the wise words of St Francis Xavier ‘Be great in little things’. All too often we see politicians dreaming up elaborate schemes, most ending up as personal scams and in failure wasting huge amounts of taxpayers money.

On this Feast day may our poor, downtrodden and handicapped brothers and sisters be given a seat in the front rows while the Ministers and MLAs should be consigned somewhere way back so that they can reflect and seek mercy for their faults and follies.

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