On 26th November we observe our Constitution Day but we have a lot to reflect on what has been going wrong with the very guiding principles being flouted with impunity. On 26 November 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted our Constitution which was drafted by a committee headed by Babasaheb Ambedkar who played a pivotal role in its drafting.

Perhaps the founding fathers never visualized or anticipated that Money and Muscle Power would one day rule the roost in our country’s political arena with persons lacking morals and ethics assuming Power. So now there is need of urgent amendments to our Constitution to safeguard those fundamentals while leaving no grey areas for manipulation and towards this the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary must look within.

The loopholes that have crept in the Anti-Defection law must be plugged. The Autonomy of the Reserve Bank, Election Commission and the CBI must be restored. And more importantly the very vital Independence of the Judiciary can never ever be compromised. Let us all sincerely commit to protect and ensure that the doctrine of our Constitution is strictly adhered to in letter and spirit with no room for fudging or fraud.  Only then will there be something to rejoice and celebrate on our Constitution Day.

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