Chief Minister Pramod Sawant seems to have taken upon himself the task of being the Election Commissioner too. Does he not know that the dates of elections is the sole prerogative of only the Election Commission?

For the conduct of free and fair elections, the bureaucracy including the police has to act independently and judiciously free from any political interference or manipulation. Sadly, in Goa the ground and factual reality is not so while the administration and even the police have meekly surrendered as political slaves of those in power.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has miserably failed on all fronts. After allowing our hills and fields to be ravaged, this government has been even allowing our heritage sites to be breached. What is happening at Old Goa is unforgivable. All this illegal and highhanded construction has been going on with political patronage destroying the sanctity and solemnity of heritage areas. 

There is a need to conserve and preserve the heritage precincts of Old Goa by bulldozing with a heavy hand every illegal structure that has come up.

That latest bungalow being constructed with dubious permissions by Mumbai-based developer Manish Munot, who is the husband of BJP spokesperson Shaina NC, violates all heritage norms. It is coming up within a designated UNESCO world heritage precinct and is an affront to Goa’s heritage structures as well.

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