Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of withdrawing those controversial farm laws has come too late.

Had he any respect for our farmers, all that bloodshed and loss of precious lives could have been avoided.

The BJP has crippled the Indian economy while landing the country into sheer economic chaos.  India’s Economic slowdown is on account of the very disastrous handling of the economy. It has also vertically and horizontally been dividing our great nation into bits and pieces in sheer disrespect to the founding fathers of our Constitution who always visualized and tirelessly worked towards a very secular and all inclusive India.

People will judge our leaders by their good acts and selfless deeds while all those statues and memorials will remain only for the crows and other carrion to merrily crap on.

Instead of properly governing the country, the BJP has been wanting to dictate and control as to what we should eat, drink, wear, read and speak.

Narendra Modi may have conveniently forgotten but we have not, that in 2014 he had publicly promised that all black money stacked overseas would be brought back and Rs 15 lakhs would be deposited in everyone’s account.  For the common man that promised ‘Acche din’ has been a dream shattered.

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