In the run up to elections of the Goa Legislative Assembly due in February 2022, we are witnessing, over the last few months, unprecedented breach of law by way of blatant defacement of property across the State.

This madness that had started with Dussehra to Diwali will only get worse now through Christmas and New Year, not forgetting the Feast of St Francis Xavier and the other religious festivities that are due. Hopefully, after all the political dust settles, we may see only the coming Easter free from illegal and unlawful eyesores all over.

In the current defacement games there is one group involved in erecting banners, posters and party flags, another involved in removing those of the opponents, and yet a third one selectively vandalizing posters and banners.

The Goa Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 1988 is a very stringent law, making such defacement of property a cognizable offence. But sadly the authorities who are required by this law to act firmly, have conveniently abdicated their bounden duty. 

Will our Chief Secretary, who is the head of the State administration, ensure at least now, that the Collectors of the two Districts along with their subordinate staff and with the assistance of the police crack down with a very heavy hand against this barefaced breach of law.

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