The large scale destruction and devastation of the hills and pristine fields of Taleigao is unpardonable and unforgivable. But blame not only the accused Monserrates. We all are responsible for allowing them to do it.

The Monsters now want to extend this loot and plunder beyond Taleigao. They are becoming bolder each passing day. And we? What are we doing?

Understandably there is anger and outrage against the Monserrates as they have been violating every law under the sun in their never ending greed for ill-gotten wealth.

But anger alone will not suffice. They are so thick skinned and do not care for our anger or curses. We have to act decisively. We have to dump them into political waste — and NOW.

Their abuse of power and rank arrogance has to be put to an end once and for all.

At the forthcoming Assembly elections the Monserrates have to be shown their place for having raped their constituencies.

Uprooting the entire very soiled Monstrous clan and coterie from Goa’s political turf is the best thing that could happen for our Tiswadi taluka and for Goa at large. We can all make that happen. We must redeem ourselves by getting rid of the Monserrates. It is now or never.

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