My Dear friends,

Having agreed to the request of a lot of my friends and well-wishers to contest the ensuing Goa Assembly elections from Panaji, I am overwhelmed with the tremendous support that I have been receiving over the last ten days.

There are however divergent opinions on behalf of which party I should contest whilst many feel that I should stand as an Independent.

A call to this effect would be taken very thoughtfully after further extensive consultation with all.

The final decision will be in the best interests of Goa and more particularly the 24000 odd voters of Panaji that I am seeking to represent in the Goa Legislative Assembly.

Politics has to be a Mission, a calling to serve those that need a voice and much needed hope and positive action and should never be reduced to a business investment venture.

With the experience and knowledge that I have been blessed with over the last four decades, as a result of close interaction with the government and the people in raising various issues, I am sure all that will empower me to be an able legislator doing justice to my constituents by being their voice and a force for good, to bring much needed change for the better.

The stagnation and chaos over the last few years that has seen the capital city of the Pearl of the Orient get from bad to worse has to stop and be replaced with good governance and progress for all Panjimites that I will be privileged to serve.   

Your continued support and guidance will guide me through this path to ensure that Goa’s capital city is ably represented in the Legislative Assembly.

As your Lion, I shall roar fearlessly to secure change and will never ever be a Mouse.

There has never been a more urgent need for change and a better future than now. 

Adv. Aires Rodrigues

C/G-2, Shopping Complex

Ribandar Retreat

Ribandar – Goa – 403006

Mobile No: 9822684372

Office Tel  No: (0832) 2444012


You can also reach me on AiresRodrigues


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