Vice-President of India Venkaiah Naidu is coming later this week on a four day visit to once again inconvenience the people of Goa.

Earlier this year he was here on an eight day long visit and it was unnecessary traffic mayhem all over while his convoy of vehicles merrily weaved its way through.

The authorities are required to ensure that the free flow of vehicular traffic is not obstructed or blocked. We have time and again witnessed during these VVIP visits sheer incompetence by the traffic regulating authorities on account of which the commuting public is put to great inconvenience. Such disruption of normal life is absolutely impermissible and deplorable.

During his last visit Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu got the authorities in Goa to clear all the pending bills of his contractor son-in-law Venkata Rao. The real motive of this visit too may be no different.   

Let us hope that the Vice-President during this visit at least will take time to impress on his son-in-law about the need to ensure high quality works in the construction of roads and other government projects which over the last many years have been all selectively given to him.

May be the Vice-President should inspect and see for himself the shoddy works across Goa by Venkata Rao’s MVR Infra Projects Pvt Ltd which is there for all to see. Had this contractor not been politically so well connected he would have been long blacklisted for all those inferior and substandard works.

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