It was amusing to hear Goa’s accidental Chief Minister Pramod Sawant claiming in the Legislative Assembly that the alleged rising Crime rate is not at all an issue and that Goa is a very safe destination.

May we ask the Chief Minister, if that is the case, why he is moving around with an unprecedented three security escort jeeps for his personal protection?  Infact the total fleet of police personnel entrusted with the Chief Minister’s security would be enough to man a Police Station.

Needless to state one fails to understand as to how the Director General of Police has been allowing such huge unwarranted and impermissible deployment of security cover for the Chief Minister in a so claimed very safe Goa.

May we also know as to how Chief Minister Pramod Sawant manages to get the traffic signal lights near the Panaji ferry jetty and at Campal on the Dayanand Bandodkar Marg all switched off when his convoy of vehicles zooms through?

Our elected representatives should at all times act respectfully and dutifully. Such arrogance and abuse of authority was never ever witnessed in Goa.

As Pramod Sawant approaches the fag end of his tenure maybe he should start getting used to acting as a common man, humble and honest.

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