As custodians of government property, the law requires that every government officer should be rigorous and vigilant in protecting State property and ensure that there is no illegal encroachment whatsoever.

Prompt and deterrent action in accordance with law must be taken against those encroaching on State wealth.

Sadly the blatant usurping of government property is going on in broad daylight with political patronage while the guardians of law merrily look the other way turning a Nelson’s eye to the illegalities.

Very severe action must be taken against officers abdicating their bounded responsibility. Any government officer who indulges in financial misdemeanor should not be allowed to continue in service.

The government machinery needs a shake up by concerned citizens to usher in an administration that is responsive to the people’s aspirations. We need to cut through the dry rot that has engulfed and is eating into the public administration system which has just stopped delivering.

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