Goa Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai must reconsider the selfish decision to construct a new Raj Bhavan Complex. He must judiciously examine and analyze why his predecessor, Satya Pal Malik had rightly rejected that proposal.

Given the dire financial straits that our State exchequer finds itself buried in, it is outrageous that the government has had the audacity to contemplate such a move when the State has many pressing priorities.

Governor Pillai has to also ensure that the Raj Bhavan initiates stern austerity measures to curb some of the current unnecessary expenditure. Does the Raj Bhavan need 150 staff in addition to the hundred odd security personnel?

There is need of a fiscal audit to ensure that all needless expenses are avoided. And once the Governor leads by example he has to also ensure that the State follows suit. It must be the Governor’s Endeavour and pursuit that our Raj Bhavan is not another white elephant as Goa is already burdened with one too many.

Now that Governor Pillai has lifted the decade long veil of secrecy that enveloped the Goa Raj Bhavan, its affairs and functioning would be open to the much needed public scrutiny. Absolute transparency and total accountability in the functioning of every Public authority is what the law mandates.

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