Panaji’s first multi-level car park at the entrance of the city which was inaugurated amidst much fanfare in November 2016 and has been hardly utilized even during the peak tourist season is a glaring example of slanted planning of so called developmental works.

We were told two years ago that all the Casinos would be shifted under the Mandovi Bridge and their customer vehicles would be directed to mandatorily use this car park. As expected it was just another eyewash announcement.

This idling car park must be put to some alternative use, perhaps as a shelter for the poor homeless who presently sleep on Panaji’s footpaths.Another white elephant at the other end of the city, is that ill- conceived foot overbridge opposite Sharada Mandir at Miramar.

This now eyesore which was inaugurated way back in July 2012 was never ever utilized. Do we need a rock scientist to descend here for dismantling it? What a criminal waste of public funds. Those responsible must be brought to book. Public funds cannot be squandered in this way as every paisa of the State exchequer must be very judiciously spent and accounted for. Panaji will never be a Smart City with skewed and crooked propellers in command.

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