In a democracy it is absolutely essential that the Press has to be free from political, government or any other external interference.

Freedom of the press and Freedom of expression are fundamental human rights. Journalists’ infact should be totally independent and unbiased with no leanings to any political party or politician. There should never be room for censored or paid news.

Freedom of expression is one of our most precious right without which there cannot be true democracy and as a consequence it will not ensure good governance. The threat to freedom of the press hangs like the proverbial sword of Damocles

The press is considered to be the watchdog of democracy. Sadly, there is scant regard for this truism though ironically, our country is the world’s largest democracy.

Freedom of the press does not mean a license to write anything that suits those in power. This freedom is precious and it has to be used judiciously and fairly. When this freedom is misused to keep those in power content, the public respect for the Fourth estate is bound to shrink and the press has to guard against this.

May the words of Thomas Jefferson inspire all those in that noble journalism profession “When the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.”

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