This government which has miserably failed on all fronts has allowed even the state of the roads across Goa to deteriorate to such an extent that they now pose a serious danger to the public.

There are potholes galore wherever you go. The roads have also become accident prone besides the damage that is being done to our vehicles and the human body especially for two wheeler riders on account of the bumpy ride. Navigating around the huge craters has been strenuous. So the authorities need to act with utmost urgency to ensure that the roads are made safe and motorable.

In 2003 the then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had announced that anyone spotting a pothole on any road in Goa would be rewarded with Rs 1000.  The horrific factual position today is that there is not a road in the State without potholes. It augurs very shabbily for a leading tourist destination that we want to be.

As the Bombay High Court has already ruled that good roads should be one of the fundamental rights of every citizen, the government needs to wake up from its slumber and embark upon repairing the potholed roads as a priority. And we shall await that announcement by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant that 102% of Goa roads are safe and free from potholes.

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