Chief Justice of India NV Ramana has so very rightly expressed the trust that the youth would check the deviations in our society’s journey towards peace and progress.

Politicians use the youth only for elections and then they are forgotten and uncared for and hit a road block even while applying for government jobs.  They go through all the rigours of applying and attending job interviews only to realise that the candidates were finalised even before the vacancy was advertised.

It is time our youth ponder on the present sad state of Goa. It is very sad to see our Goa getting ruined by man made disasters which could have been avoided or stopped by a vibrant youth force. We keep blaming politicians, the government, their policies, officers and others but the youth ought to see their responsibility towards rescuing Goa.

In this age of modernization our purpose has to shift from fulfilling our endless desires. In due course we have lost the values in life and have even exploited the nature. We can see that nature has lost its balance. Communication of man and nature is cut off. All this is caused due to superficial, improper knowledge and lack of awareness in our desperate efforts of competing with others. We have been constantly working to walk with western countries thinking that success lies by being equivalent to them.

The Youth of Goa more than ever should be engaged in the socio, economic and political development of the State.  Young people, as members of a dynamic group in society, play a crucial role in positively transforming an in building the foundations of a democratic and peaceful society. Our Youth have the potential to create networks, mutual support structures and common platforms to share resources, know-how and ideas. They can also create ideas that solve old problems in innovative ways.

Our youth are not failing the system. It is the system that is failing our youth. They have to be encouraged and listened to. Having youth as members on various Government boards and Commissions could be a rewarding experience that will benefit us all. The adult could benefit from the fresh perspective, optimism, and enthusiasm that youth could bring to any discussion or debate. Youth have to feel that their voice is valued and that they have a role and make an impact in decision making.

There is so much that can be done by the youth for the betterment of Goa. To start with our youth could be focused on one goal.  A corruption free Goa. If they could work successfully towards this mission it would be an enormous achievement. The future of whatever remains of Goa is the hands of the Youth.  Let us hope they will deliver.

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