Persons in Public life are expected to be moral exemplars of morality and ethics as they have publicly pledged to uphold and defend that realm. For those holding a Public Office, there can be no dividing line between their Personal and Public lives.

The private lives of public figures are wide open to public scrutiny. What they do in their private life matters and does impact their public responsibilities. Can they be ethical in public if they are dishonorable in private? Their private life reveals more about morals than their sound bytes.

When to get appointed even as a peon one needs a police clearance, it is highly appalling that persons with extremely serious criminal cases pending against them are holding public office.

Truth and integrity must always be the overriding characteristics of those who are privileged and entrusted to serve others as public officials. Repaying that trust by being accountable and acting responsibly with integrity is crucial in a democracy and to ensure good Governance. Failure to do so only leads to anarchy and a failed state abounding in corruption and a breakdown in the rule of law.  

The French Nobel Prize winning Author and Philosopher Albert Camus had rightly said “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”.

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