It was amusing to hear Chief Minister Pramod Sawant stating that he was yet to read and study the latest Supreme Court judgment which has in fact rapped his Government on the Mining imbroglio. Indeed on every issue Ministers should be guided by the opinion of legal experts rather than pretending to peruse files beyond their intellectual capabilities.

We are seeing cases in Courts against the government mounting by the day which is a clear sign of faulty decisions by the authorities. Circulars and orders are being withdrawn within hours of being issued which is a clear sign of bad governance.

The State coffers being in dire straits it should be the endeavor of the government to bring down the escalating government expenditure on litigations on account of  skewed administrative decisions being taken at the behest of politicians without proper application of mind.

Every government move should be legally sound and strictly within the framework of law. As decisions are being taken with vested interests and to satisfy the whims and fancies of those in Power, they are all being challenged before the Temples of Justice, while the tax payer is facing the brunt of huge and needless legal expenses being incurred by the State defending reckless and illegal orders in vain.

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