Our Goa High Court Bar Association will elect it’s new Managing Committee for the Triennium 2021-2024, this Friday, 24th September, 4.30. pm, at the new complex in Porvorim. 

All eyes will be on Senior Advocate Surendra G. Desai and Senior Advocate Jose Elmano Coelho Pereira as the two battle it out for the post of President.

The two contestants are indeed weighty personalities in the profession and beyond as well. It is truly a clash of Titans what we are going to witness. 

Normally a sedate affair, with the choice settled by the traditions of consensus, dignified or otherwise, this time the contest is expected to be as much ‘fierce’ as colourful, given the perceived high stakes. 

However, whosoever comes out with flying colours, one may expect the victorious to float upon spirited Scotch flows, now that we are in the sobber zone, post-Shravan and months away from the Lent. After all, in this part of the world, anything is good for celebrating. Cheers! 

An exciting evening on the cards with our very distinguished and accomplished mediator Senior Advocate R.G.Ramani as the Returning Officer.

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