While in the midst of the current pandemic and that statewide curfew (or whatever it means) still in force, Goa braces for the visit of yet another VVIP. This time President Ram Nath Kovind who will be here on a three day visit from Sept 5th.

The authorities must ensure that the public do not have to endure the usual traffic chaos during such visits by VVIPs.

As the Supreme Court has clearly ruled time and again that public roads cannot be closed even for the movement of VVIP vehicles, the commuting public should not face a traffic nightmare, while the convoy of the VVIP merrily weaves its way through.

Every visitor to Goa must be given a warm welcome but not at the cost of obstructing the vehicular traffic. Such disruption of normal life is absolutely impermissible.

Closing down roads without making alternative arrangements is in violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed to us under Article 14, 19 and 21 of our Constitution. This indiscriminately blocking of key roads should be strongly deprecated with the message loud and clear to the VVIPs that they are not welcome to Goa if it is to create traffic mayhem.

We are all entitled to lead our normal lives. Every citizen’s time and respect is as important as that of any VVIP.

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