Just a few months before he switched political parties, I had telephonically informed St. Andre MLA Francisco Silveira about our Ribandar Church renovation and that our Parish Priest and committee members would be visiting him while requesting him to kindly donate Rs 5000. But what a sad situation unfolded! 

This is what MLA Francisco Silveira told me (verbatim) “kitem sangu tuka dotor, hanv pejek sud’dam patixer asam. Padrik matcho dhaddinaka”.

I hope that the St Andre MLA is at least now eating well with lots to swallow as Chairman of that very lucrative North Goa Planning and Development Authority. Francisco Silveira reminds me of the Konkani saying ‘Zor rodd’tta pejek’

On that same day that I called the St Andre MLA, I also phoned the now St Cruz political prostitute Tony Fernandes. To be fair, this MLA not only agreed, without any hesitation to donate, but was kind enough to send the amount forthwith with his messenger directly to our Church. It is good to know that at least the St Cruz MLA was not starving at that time.

Goa has witnessed that MLAs of the 60’s and early 70’s died as paupers but with good wishes and prayers of the people, but most of the later MLAs will leave behind crores of ill-gotten wealth and depart with people’s abundant curses and abuses. Some have already moved to their destined destination.  

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