The move by the Goa Government to implement the enhanced traffic violation fines only from 1st April 2022 only after the Assembly elections is a very skewed decision, which smacks of shameful politriks. If the government feels the increased fines are unreasonable they should take steps to urge the center to alter it.

The implementation of this amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act which came into force from 1st September 2019 was deferred earlier to first get the Goa roads in good shape. This pipe dream has not happened and on the contrary the roads today are even more perilous than they were in 2019, littered with potholes and huge craters even on the prestigious Atal Setu Bridge.

The move to defer implementation now is because the ruling party fears a backlash from the voters at the Assembly polls on account of the hiked fines. So this cheap tactic is being played to manipulate the voters.

A sensible government focused on good governance takes hard and tough decisions in the best interests of the public and the State, even if they may not be pleasant. What we have been witnessing over the last few years is political motives in every action of this government instead of acting decisively for the common good taking into account the interest of the people and the State. It is about time the Government put people first instead of playing politics.

Sam Walton an American businessman and founder of Walmart was spot on when he said ‘Leaders must always put people before themselves. If you do that the business will take care of itself’.  

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