In times when the communication technology has been advancing everywhere, the BSNL services in Goa is in utter dire straits. The internet connectivity all over and especially in the villages is extremely pathetic on account of which it is very adversely affecting students who are now on online classes and also the people at large being unable to access online services provided by the government and other institutions including the Courts which are now conducting hearings by virtual mode. Even where the network exists the speed is extremely slow which is further frustrating.

It is high time that the now crumbling BSNL, a government entity, which has been in total disarray, gets its act together. In times of trouble like the current pandemic, the importance of the speed and access of the internet has become significantly greater.

This global pandemic has clearly demonstrated to us the benefits and urgency of having state of the art internet connectivity, speed and access and the pitfalls of not having one like some of our many villages are sadly experiencing.

Progress claimed by the Government cannot be just on paper and loud talk as the people need to experience and feel that change for the better.

Narendra Modi had said “E-governance is easy governance, effective governance and also economic governance. E-governance paves the way for good governance.” Time to Walk that Talk, Mr. Prime Minister.

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