After having survived from the jaws of death due to the expert allopathic treatment received at Goa Medical College, it is reprehensible on the part of Ayush Minister Shripad Naik, despite being from Ribandar to oppose the much needed medical facilities from being restored by the Goa Government at our famed Old Ribandar Hospital. Shripad Naik for reasons best known to him has been insisting on setting up a needless Ayush center there.

Despite being a Member of Parliament for over two decades and a Union Minister for so many years, Shripad Naik has no phenomenal achievement to his credit.

The one achievement to the credit of Shripad Naik is that he has risen from rags to riches and made sure of securing the careers of his three sons despite them lacking merit while showing no concern whatsoever for the welfare of the voters.

Shripad Naik has launched his eldest son Siddesh into politics which is today the most lucrative business and wanting to contest from Cumbarjua constituency at the ensuing assembly elections. For Shripad Naik having sabotaged our Health center the people should ensure that his son Siddesh is politically thrashed at the polls. Ironically the Health Care facilities at the Old Ribandar Hospital would have catered also to the Health needs of people of Old Goa, Corlim, Carambolim and the Divar Island which is all part of the Cumbarjua Constituency. The defeat of his son will send a very clear message to Shripad Naik that he cannot act against the wishes, best interests and welfare of the people.

Shripad Naik managed to manipulate and push his second son Saiesh to be an Awal Karkun who has swiftly now become a Joint Mamlatdar and will soon be a Deputy Collector. The third son Yogesh has been immersed into the world of business. Couldn’t Shripad Naik have looked beyond his Parivar and ensured that our well qualified youth with merit were instead rightly given career avenues?

Shripad Naik has been a shrewd and sly operator and the Ayush Ministry is a windfall with that very huge budget and manufacturers and suppliers making a beeline in Goa for an audience with the Ayush Minister while the son seals the deals.

By opposing health care facilities at the Old Ribandar Hospital Shripad Naik has done great injustice to the patients especially the less privileged who depend on only government medical care. And for that the Ayush Minister will have to bear the brunt of the Almighty.   

Even in his twilight years, Shripad Naik would benefit from learning that every Government has three responsibilities towards its citizens. Every Government should protect, provide for and invest in its people. The raging pandemic vividly, cruelly and tragically exposed the medical shortcomings of the Government in Goa and nationally. It defined and determined beyond reasonable doubt that the peoples’ demand and number one priority is for better and more state of the art medical facilities easily accessible to all the people. This is exactly what the restoration of state of the art medical facilities at the Old Ribandar Hospital would have provided as a great relief to all.       

Shripad Naik may look humble and simple but as far as he is concerned though he displays that he is SABKE SATH but selfishly always been only for HUMARA VIKAS.

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