Atmaram Nadkarni ceased to be the Additional Solicitor General of India on June 30th 2020. Earlier in July 2019 the Goa Government had sacked him and his entire team from further appearing for the State before the Supreme Court, National Green Tribunal and the Mhadei Tribunal.

On 25th March 2021, a letter purportedly written by the Deputy Commissioner of Police Security, New Delhi was sent to Goa’s SP of Security that amongst the list of Central Protectees figures Atmaram Nadkarni designated as Additional Solicitor General of India.

Based on this letter when Atmaram Nadkarni arrived in Goa by a flight from Delhi on 15th April 2021, he was given a Personal Security Officer by the Goa Police by way of ‘X’ security cover. An illegal perk he has been enjoying since then.

On being informed about this police cover given to Atmaram Nadkarni, I immediately sought the intervention of Chief Secretary Mr. Parimal Rai and Director General of Police Mr. Mukesh Kumar Meena as Atmaram Nadkarni was no longer holding the post of Additional Solicitor General from 1st July last year.

I also managed to telephonically speak to Mr. Kumar Gyanesh the Deputy Commissioner of Police Security, New Delhi who informed me that no such letter was written by him to the Goa Police. He assured me that a detailed investigation would be conducted and the person involved in fabricating the letter would not be spared. The whole investigation must zero around the main accused Atmaram Nadkarni who was a beneficiary of that letter which was definitely prepared at his instance. It is also hoped that the Chief Secretary and DGP will now act promptly to withdraw this unlawful Security cover and recover the costs from Atmaram Nadkarni.  

Moving with police security had become a status symbol for Atmaram Nadkarni. With the blessings of Manohar Parrikar an order dated 20th September 2017 was issued bestowing ‘Z’security cover to Atmaram Nadkarni with a security of around 22 police personnel around the clock which also included an escort vehicle. All this was withdrawn when the illegality came to light.

It comes as no surprise that Atmaram Nadkarni the former Advocate General of Goa and also the former Additional Solicitor General of India may have himself or through his henchmen, stooped so low in fabricating that letter as such act, if proved to be a fabrication, will expose his criminal intent though he tries to pretend being pious and very God-fearing. It is also surprising that when it has been in public domain that Atmaram Nadkarni is no longer Additional Solicitor General of India, that the Goa Government should have sheepishly accepted this letter and started providing security cover, without even seeking a clarification.

I only stand vindicated in the three letters that I wrote over the last five years to all the Judges of the Supreme Court giving them a total run down of Atmaram Nadkarni’s misdeeds while urging them that his very soiled name be not even remotely considered for the post of Supreme Court Judge.

We have all witnessed that Atmaram Nadkarni’s advocacy has been about hollow howling in Courts and attempting to browbeat Judges. At his law college he must have not learnt that we as Advocates must show utmost respect and dignity to every single Judge even if we differ on views about a legal point. 

Thanks to the Supreme Court Judges, our nation has been saved of what would have been the darkest ever day for India’s Judiciary. Atmaram Nadkarni should now be content living in that Taj Mahal he has crookedly erected at Tonca-Caranzalem on the outskirts of Panaji all built on ill-gotten wealth which will bring him neither happiness nor peace of mind.


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