On 29th May at 6.16 pm, I received a call from 9423046235 with an unknown person saying that he was calling from Netravali in Sanguem and wanted my address so that he could deliver me a sack of frogs.

I thanked him for his call and very politely told him that I don’t eat frogs and in a lighter vein suggested that maybe he should offer it to one of those 10 +2 MLAs who in breach of the law overnight like frogs leaped into the BJP in search of the Rupee and Power. For some it may have been a leap from a freshwater pool to a cesspool of broken promises and corruption. 

A friend of mine checked on the true caller and informed me that the above number 9423046235 is registered in the name of one Lawrence Dias. I called up my friends in Netravali and was told that there is no one there by that name. Whatever may have been his mischievous or oblique motives, the caller called the wrong person. Not wearing the Helmet was the only law I was breaching. Now I have started wearing the helmet too.    

May God guide that caller with wisdom not to ever breach the law.  His misplaced priorities would be better focused on keeping himself safe during this raging pandemic.

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