It has been shockingly revealed that when Chief Minister Pramod Sawant visited the Old Ribandar Hospital yesterday, the three CCP Ribandar Councillors were not allowed to be actively part of the inspection team. They were just made to stand and languish outside along with Mayor Rohit Monserrate and Babush Monserrate’s local henchman and Man Friday Adv. Sahish Mahambrey.

It was the duty of MLA Babush Monserrate to have ensured that at least the three local Councillors were allowed to interact with the Chief Minister so that they could have explained to him what we exactly require and expect in terms of the Ribandar Health Center.

But the sad reality is that this is the crude way Babush Monserrate has been operating for years while ill-treating his Councillors. A pack of puppets that are not allowed to speak out while expected to be dumb and not permitted or required to think for themselves. They have to just do what the Boss directs. A slavery of the highest order.

Indeed a very sad state of affairs in the world’s biggest democracy. Let us hope things will change for the better when Babush Monserrate’s term as MLA ends early next year. It will be good riddance of bad rubbish.    

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