Instead of admitting that he has failed on all fronts and gracefully hanging his boots, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has decided as a desperate damage control move to engage into a Public Relations exercise to deal with the adverse public opinion that his government finds itself enveloped in due to the utter failure on policy and performance.  

At least in this Pandemic the government should have got its priorities right. It could not have been concerned on speeding up non priority issues like land conversions rather than fully focusing on saving precious lives. Under the cover of the raging COVID-19, the government has discreetly been taking far reaching decisions without caring to consult the people.

In the last two years the devastation of Goa has escalated and accelerated with the situation only having worsened beyond imagination more particularly in the last one year. This government has brazenly and heartlessly been pursuing and pushing needless projects to Goa’s detriment and degradation of our already very fragile environment.  

The government of the day is duty bound to act very honestly and diligently while taking the people into confidence on issues that matter. But those currently running the State being power intoxicated are governing arrogantly and ruthlessly. 

With that widespread anger against this government prevalent all over, no effort now by the very incapable Chief Minister Pramod Sawant will remedy the awful image and public perception of his government. The people are looking forwad to the 2022 Assembly elections to do what needs to be done to safeguard the remnants of our once beautiful Goa.

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