In the Tarun Tejpal case, it would be for the first time in the history of Goa’s Judiciary that the Government has in less than a week so swiftly filed an appeal before the High Court.   

The Sessions Court judgment acquitting Tarun Tejpal having been pronounced on 19th May and running in a whopping 527 pages, it was in record time that the Government’s  legal team applied its mind to this extremely voluminous judgment and managed to draft the appeal. All this in the midst of the current raging pandemic and the after effects of cyclone Tauktae. One also fails to understand what the tearing hurry was.  

It would have been commendable if only this same yardstick and extraordinary diligence is displayed by the Government in every other case and especially on issues that concern the public.

We have seen that in many matters this otherwise sloppy government has been filing appeals in Courts along with an application seeking condonation of delay.    

Strangely as the High Court is currently on vacation and hears only extremely urgent matters, it would be interesting to see how the government justifies the urgency in the Tarun Tejpal appeal. The government is duty bound to lead by example at all times in strictly adhering to the Rule of law.  

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