The increasing number of fatal road accidents that Goa has been witnessing is a matter of great concern. The death of those three young bright boys at Verna on Sunday was so very tragic and extremely anguishing. May their departed souls rest in eternal peace and their family members garner the strength to bear the loss of these little jewels they so suddenly lost. Our young children must never be given access to even a two wheeler let alone a four wheeler to ensure such a horrific accident never repeats itself.

The thrust of the government should be in urgently tackling the causes of the increasing number of road accidents. The roads across Goa are in an extremely pathetic and very critical state. Poor road engineering is a cause of many accidents. There also needs to be a total crackdown on drunken driving and reckless over speeding. Vigilance by the traffic authorities around the schools and colleges must be enhanced to stop the unlicensed and rash riders. Cattle squatting on our highways besides the dogs and pigs crossing our roads are also a cause of many accidents, some being fatal.

May be its high time that our traffic officials who currently have the expertise in only challening people for minor traffic violations, are now professionally trained on all aspects of proper traffic management and road safety. Road safety is of paramount importance. Government’s first duty and highest obligation is public safety. Safety does not happen by accident. It is the solemn duty of everyone to take their own safety and the safety of others seriously.

Goa is now known as a gambling, prostitution, drug and crime haven. Let our concerted efforts be to save it from being an accident destination too.

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