The string of reversal of orders and circulars issued by the government only exposes a total collapse of governance in the state. The knee-jerk decisions made by the Government without careful thought, consultation with experts or due process is symptomatic of the further erosion of governance in the state. Good governance has been lacking for quite some time but sadly it is rapidly deteriorating with a Government who is in power but not in control.

The bureaucrats have to be allowed to function in accordance with law and be able to apply their experience and expertise independent of political interference or pressure. They cannot be forced to act as caged parrots. Every decision by the government has to be well thought out and carefully considered. This will minimize the recurring embarrassing situations that this Government suffers from the erosion of trust that the people have in any decisions this Government makes.

The frequent transfer of officers for no logical reason or purpose or sometimes for personal reasons to satisfy the whims of those in power is disruptive and adds to the confusion making it difficult for officials to administer smoothly. This administrative circus must stop immediately. Advice from experts and feedback from people must be heeded to urgently address the glaring failings of this Government.

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