We were assured last year that after the monsoons all the roads in Goa would be hot mixed but we have to continue enduring with potholed roads across the state which are in a very awful condition. The roads in Ribandar continue in a pathetic and precarious state despite the undertaking given by the authorities to the Goa Human Rights Commission.  This rank indifference of the government to the plight of the public is lamentable. The government needs to wake up and embark on repairing our roads with utmost urgency and as a matter of priority, especially in view of the fact that the Bombay High Court has already ruled that good and safe roads is a fundamental right of every citizen. Good roads are also a foundation vital to proper traffic management and road discipline. The authorities are also duty bound to ensure that every road is freed from that menace of straying cattle, dogs and pigs.

How many more precious lives will have to be lost for this government to awaken from its slumber to the reality that they can no longer abdicate from their bounden duty to ensure that all the roads in Goa are safe for one and all.


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