Last evening while our Ribandar’s great son, the so multi-talented Acacio Tavares was being conferred the Goa State Cultural Award in Western Music at Kala Academy it was a extremely  proud moment for every Ribandarite.

For Acacio what began as a hobby during leisure time strumming his guitar later on turned to be his profession with a passion. Acacio first stumbled upon an opportunity to play for a band “Moody Blues” in 1971. He later played for ‘Planets’ ‘Chain Reactions, ‘Diffusions’ and ‘Modulators’.

In 1985 everything changed for the better with Acacio setting up the ‘Purple Rain’ with his fellow Ribandar musicians. ‘Purple Rain’ has been reigning the music arena for over three long decades enchanting the audience all over. Besides playing across the nook and corner of Goa, the ‘Purple Rain’ has performed at Kolhapur, Manipal, Hyderabad, Cochin, Bangalore, Bombay, Indore and Calcutta.  At the International level they have performed in Abu Dhabi for the ‘Manglorean Day’, in Kuwait for ‘Goa Day’ and on four occasions in Dubai for ‘Goa Carnival’.

‘Purple Rain’ led by Acacio besides playing for Dances, live shows has the distinction of playing for weddings of parents and their children too. The ‘Purple Rain’ has played at State sponsored Cultural and Food festivals, the famed ‘Bonderam’ in Divar besides the New Year celebrations at Vasco for the last 25 years.

Acacio’s varied talents knew no bounds. Besides playing for the band, Acacio was a part of the cultural troupe “Alegria” which performed on Government and private boat cruises besides performing at the 5 star Hotels and in various States in India and abroad. The troupe ‘Alegria’ has the distinction of playing for the VIPs during their visits to Goa. Being part of the troupe Acacio had the privilege of performing before the distinguished international dignitaries like the then Pope John Paul II, King Hussein of Jordan, this country’s dignitaries the then President of India Zail Singh, then Vice President of India Shri Venkataraman, then Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi and Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma.

In addition to being a very talented musician that he is, Acacio has been an avid football enthusiast and organized the once very famous ‘Bala Bala Football Tournament’ for the villagers of Ribandar from 1982 to 1995.

Acacio has never missed on taking part in the Ribandar’s local festivities, during the village carnival of yesteryears dressed in various costumes during the 3day carnival with his friends and would go around the village in disguise entertaining the villagers. He would play his guitar while the folk would join in singing during the ‘Passoi’ held on the last day of Carnival.

With his heart and soul fully immersed for Ribandar, Acacio though not a professional actor has since 1985 been taking part in our traditional Ribandar Tiatr held every January near the Fondvem Chapel.

In his entire journey his wife Lalita and daughters Wanda & Eunice have been his strongest support system. Let us wish our one and only talented Acacio Tavares all the very best.. Bala Bala Music… If music be the food of love then long may Acacio play on. And our multi-talented Ribandar will live on.

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