Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s knee-jerk reaction that Goa Lokayukta’s orders are only recommendatory says it all. Stands exposed is the political immaturity of our accidental Chief Minister. That statement having been made by Pramod Sawant even before reading the Lokayukta’s order is very high-handed. It should come as no surprise if this government one day says that orders of even the High Court and Supreme Court are also recommendatory. It is no secret that over the last few years the BJP in Goa has deviously circumvented direction passed by the High Court, National Green Tribunal and even the Supreme Court.

If this is the sordid attitude of this awfully Power intoxicated government it may as well wind up the Lokayukta, Human Rights Commission and Police Complaints Authority instead of wasting public funds on these bodies if the government pays scant respect to the orders passed. These   very independent authorities are constituted by law to deliver justice and bring to book the wrong doers. But it seems to be money all down the drain if the government has no respect for their orders and directions.

For politicians facing criminal charges even taking a dip in the Ganges will bring no solace, but joining the BJP cleanses and absolves them of their every sin while putting an end to all their legal vows. Sinners overnight become Saints. A very sad state of affairs in our great country, once acclaimed as the world’s largest democracy.

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