In our India which is the world’s biggest democracy there can be no room to foment any VIP culture. With those red beacons now long gone, it’s time to stop these crores being squandered on providing police security for Ministers, VIPS, and other politicians besides their kin.

Politicians are supposed to serve the people. Those who really do yeoman service need no protection. Only scoundrels may. Even our Soldiers and para military forces take those very high risks sans any special protection.

Those Power intoxicated Politicians who are apprehensive about their personal safety should either hire their own commandos or fade away from public life. In a very cash strapped State like our Goa, such blatant criminal waste of public funds on security for VIPs cannot be allowed.

Our very scarce Police personnel ought to be deployed for street policing and not to hover around the politicians. This unnecessary over deployment of police at official functions attended by VIPs must also stop. The police force is meant to investigate criminal cases, maintain law and order while also regulating traffic.

The life of a VIP cannot be any more sacred than that of a common man. And may be our Chief Minister Pramod Sawant should lead by example in surrendering all those police escort vehicles. Let every Goan move around as an Aam Aadmi.

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