Student activism encompasses student involvement in issues dealing with economic, environmental, political and social change on and off the campus.

Having been closely associated with the very vibrant student movements in Goa witnessed in the 70’s and 80’s, it is extremely anguishing and very disheartening that the student activism today is virtually nonexistent in the State. In our days students were known for having strong opinions and expressing them without fear. We demonstrated to the government that student power was a force to reckon with.

Maybe, it is now time that the students in Goa find their voice once again. Today the social media is a very handy tool to expand the scope and strength of student activism. Students need to be the voice of the voiceless and through a well organized networked Student activism it must be a signal for democracy and justice.

With Goa currently in dire straits soaked in rampant corruption and bad Governance, the Student activism could peacefully and democratically cause a political, environmental, economic and much needed social change that Goa so desperately requires.

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