With the proposed garbage treatment plant at Bainguinim getting the Environmental clearance its setup must be expedited so that it can cater to the entire Tiswadi Taluka. All the five MLAs of Tiswadi should stop truant and whole heartedly support the plant despite their intrinsic links with the land mafia who are deviously opposing this much needed facility.

Over the years successive governments have miserably abdicated in their bounden duty to address the issue of garbage disposal. The garbage issue has today reached a point of crisis with people now dumping their waste all over while even throwing it brazenly in our rivers and lakes. We can no longer procrastinate on this burning issue any more.

The High Court on 11th July last year in its 30 page order amongst other directives ordered the Government to ensure that the Bainguinim Garbage disposal plant is functional within 28 months. It should be the endeavor of all that this is done at the earliest possible with the plant functioning strictly within the parameters of law and to everybody’s satisfaction.

The land admeasuring 1, 70,000 sq mts at Bainguinim was acquired by the government over a decade ago while the Old Goa Panchayat at the behest of the builder’s lobby has been creating hurdles. Having effective garbage treatment plants is the only way to mitigate the disastrous environmental menace and health hazard posed by irresponsible garbage management that has plagued and shamed Goa. The Bainguinim plant is an urgent vital need that must be actioned urgently. Pandering to the whims of the Greedy and short sighted few is not acceptable. The needs of many must outweigh the greed of a few. As our forefathers left us a Golden Goa, Posterity will never forgive us if we leave behind a garbage filled Goa.

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