It is very appalling that independent authorities constituted to deliver justice and bring the wrong doers to book are being allowed to go defunct. The Goa Human Rights Commission has been non-functional since July this year. The Goa State Police Complaints Authority has been headless since April last year. Our Chief Information Commissioner is due to retire in February next year while the other two information Commissioners will also be gone in 2020. The Goa Lokayukta will also relinquish office next September.

These are all vital institutions set up by law to ensure Transparency and Accountability in the functioning of the government. If they remain non-operational good governance is in peril. The government should act swiftly and cannot be dragging its feet in filling these crucial positions. Infact knowing well when which authority is due to retire it should start the ground work to appoint the successor well in advance. It should be the endeavor not to allow any of these institutions to be vacant even for a day.

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