That Goa and Goans have been fooled on the very crucial Mhadei issue comes as no surprise. The expected politrik has dawned. In this political chicanery, for the BJP its party’s interests in Karnataka has overridden Goa’s welfare.

It is absolutely shameful at the manner in which Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has in an utterly devious manner crookedly circumvented the people of Goa.

Let our unyielding resolve be to make sure that the battle for our Mhadei is a do or die. We need to ensure that every precious drop is saved for the well being of Goans. Posterity will never forgive us if we don’t combat this so vital Mhadei battle and allow our lifeline to dry up and our ecology destroyed.

The buck stops at the door of Goa’s ‘accidental’ Chief Minister Pramod Sawant who has miserably failed on all fronts including Mhadei. He had publicly declared that he would join the public agitation if the Central government went back on its word. Mr. CM, its now time to Walk your Talk.

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