Warm Season’s Greetings to You,

For Ribandar this Christmas is a very special one as our magnificently renovated Church premises nears completion. We all remain so very indebted to our dear Parish Priest, Rev. Fr Antonio Lourenco Fernandes for having tirelessly overseen the entire refurbishment of the Church premises which for decades had been in a most dilapidated state. Our Ribandar Church was lacking in very basic amenities while the infrastructure within was awful.

Our church has a very special history and thus deserves to be honoured. Known as the Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Ajuda it was built in 1565. On 11 December 1554, St Francis Xavier’s body was shipped to Goa from Malacca. The ship bringing the body of the Saint was welcomed with canon salute at this church on the night of 14th March 1554 before continuing on to Old Goa.

Let our firm resolve always be to relentlessly strive for a better Ribandar which is currently lacking in basic facilities while we remain neglected despite being on the outskirts of Goa’s capital. Ribandar may be part of the Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) but as far as overall development and civic amenities is concerned, we remain utterly neglected and in a decaying state despite the very high municipal taxes we pay. There are many villages in Goa that are much better off.

Ribandar has for decades been demanding a football ground, a community hall and a market place but it is a source of great anguish that our long standing demands are yet to be fulfilled. We do not have a Children’s park or a garden or a public library and there is lack of proper sanitation with garbage strewn all over. Erratic power and water supply is the order of the day. It’s also high time that there is a sewage pipeline in place.  And in the Fonduvem Ward of Ribandar even the dead are denied a proper crematorium to Rest in Peace.

Christmas is a time for hope and joy to triumph over adversity. Let us pray that God will bring order out of chaos and this renewed hope will ensure that our residents experience better days ahead.

I was very fortunate to have been born in Ribandar and lived all my life in this scenic environment. When I depart it is only in Ribandar that my overworked remains will rest in Peace.

Wishing you a Very Merry X’mas. All the very best in 2020 and in the years ahead.


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