It is so very distressing that some of our Ribandar residents have had their water supply disconnected by the law enforcing authorities and now also face the electric supply being switched off.

But one cannot ever justify or even condone that these houses have for decades been blatantly and shamelessly releasing raw sewage polluting our River Mandovi while we have been consuming the very fish fished out from those waters. This sorry and extremely sordid state of affairs is absolutely unpardonable. Our Ribandarites have over the years been misled into building their houses illegally along the riverside with the current and past Municipal Corporators all part of that ruthless loot and gamble.

And now the local MLA Babush Monseratte cannot resolve this arduous issue as he himself though now saffronised is on the wrong side of the law with serious stinking criminal charges against him of raping a minor girl and that infamous stoning of the Panaji Police Station. With a much discredited MLA, our sinking Panaji and Ribandar is in utter dumps.

As always people are used and abused as pawns by the very politicians they vote for and depend on for ensuring that their best interests are protected. However, through rampant corruption, broken false promises, willful neglect and incompetence everyone suffers from a degradation of the infrastructure, poor planning and a destruction of the environment from sewage pollution, lack of garbage treatment facilities and pathetic roads.

Pre-election, the current Panaji MLA made many false promises including No more flooding and drainage issues, Casinos to be removed within 100 days and many more, only to be broken a few days later. Perhaps he did not have enough time as his only focus after assuming office was to saffronise himself, feather his own nest and shamelessly jump ship betraying the trust of the people and worsening the desperate issues they suffer from.

The stench from sewage and garbage can sometimes be more bearable than the stench of unacceptable neglect and corruption that flows from the MLA and some.

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