Pramod Sawant has been in the Chief Minister’s saddle for over six long months but has not yet got a firm grip on the State administration. He is indeed a Chief Minister who is in power but not in real control of matters. After making a basket of bumper promises, he has been dithering and wavering even on crucial issues like Mining, Madhei, Regional Plan and the Casinos. Manohar Parrikar’s legacy of U-turns continues despite the BJP now having a whopping 27 MLAs.

Goa is without the much needed Human Rights Commission and the Police Complaints Authority. Good Governance involves taking tough and firm decisions in the interest of the State.  But with the Chief Minister doing a balancing act endlessly appeasing his ever greedy Ministers and MLAs, it is very detrimental to the State. A glaring example is the file pertaining to the long overdue transfers of DySPs and Police Inspectors which continues to linger in the corridors of power.

With the honeymoon period now over, Pramod Sawant would be well advised to stop talking and start performing. Actions, especially good actions, in the best interests of the state and the people, speak louder than words. The Chief Minister could also avoid wasting time on attending minor public functions and instead concentrate on streamlining the administration for the benefit of the common men, especially the poor and underprivileged.

Pramod Sawant has also miserably failed to curtail unnecessary pompous expenditure despite the State exchequer being in extremely dire straits. All said and done one of the good decisions taken by him is the appointment of a very honest, humble sincere Devidas Pangam as the Advocate General.

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