In a democracy there can be no room whatsoever to foment any VIP culture. With those red beacons now long gone, it’s time to stop the crores being very high-handedly squandered on providing police security for Ministers and their kin. It’s a needless and absolute drain on the State exchequer.

Politicians who are apprehensive about their personal safety should either hire their own personal body guards or fade away from public life into wilderness. Ministers should also stop violating the traffic rules by not over speeding in their official or private vehicles.

In 2012 Manohar Parrikar had solemnly and publicly vowed that he would never ever use police escort vehicles. But soon after becoming Chief Minister he started moving around, initially with one Pilot jeep and then shamelessly added another one. It would be a prudent move for the current Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to immediately stop using these police pilot escort jeeps.

Mr. Chief Minister, such criminal waste of public funds cannot be allowed, especially in a cash strapped state like Goa.The Police personnel ought to be instead deployed for street policing and not to hover around the Ministers in power.

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