In May this year during the by-election campaign to the Panaji Assembly Constituency Babush Monseratte had solemnly assured the voters of Panaji that he would ensure that all the Casinos in the River Mandovi are removed within 100 days of he being elected.

On asked how he planned to remove the Casinos, Babush Monserratte had said that he had a plan in place and would get them removed whether he was in the ruling or Opposition.

Having taken oath as Panaji MLA on May 28th Babush Monseratte has to ensure that the Casinos are driven away from the River Mandovi by this ensuing Ganesh Chaturthi more so because he is now part of the ruling BJP.

On 18th April this year while joining the Congress Babush Monseratte had said that it was a homecoming for him. “After roaming everywhere I have decided it’s time for homecoming. You can call it that. I have listened to the voice of the people” is what he had stated.

In less than three months after embracing the BJP for vested interests Babush Monseratte said “I felt at home after joining the BJP”

With the Casino lobby virtually setting the agenda and running the Goa Government, Babush Monseratte has now no choice but to feel at’ home’ with the Casinos in the River Mandovi. All said and done Babush Monseratte, a chronic party hopper has taken the people of Panaji on a jolly good ride and can never be trusted again.

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