The Goa government cannot abdicate in its bounden duty to at least provide the citizens their basic needs. Uninterrupted power and water supply besides good roads are the least we are all entitled too.

With the basic infrastructure of the State in the dumps we are left with dry taps and frequent power outages. The roads across Goa are in a precarious and very despicable state. The Government has publicly assured the people that all the roads across the State would be restored before the ensuing Ganesh Chaturthi. But with just over a week to go for the festive season this assurance is set to be another hoax.

With rampant construction in the fields, the displaced cattle have moved on to the roads. The state is infested with stray dogs all over, with them having invaded even the runway of our Airport. A very sordid state of affairs. It’s time the government gets its act together as people’s patience is running out with a government that has been failing and faltering on all fronts.

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