A day after desperately pleading with the Union Finance Minister for a 2000 crore assistance to tide up the acute financial crunch being faced by the State,very ironically Chief Minister Pramod Sawant goes to Uttar Pradesh and assures the people of Amethi that the Goa Government will fully fund any project there in memory of late Manohar Parrikar. Pramod Sawant would do yeoman service to the State if he can move all the Casinos in Goa to Amethi. It seems that the right hand of CM Sawant does not know what the left hand is doing!

The Goa Government needs to get its priorities right instead of indulging in cheap politriks. Our debt ridden State must live within its means by ushering in the much needed fiscal discipline and administrative accountability. Criminal waste of public funds is impermissible.

Unless the Chief Minister ensures that some stringent austerity measures are in place, he will only add to the utter mess left behind by his predecessor Manohar Parrikar.

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