The very unjustified and uncalled for public statement by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant that few government servants ask money from public in the name of Ministers while promising jobs is a matter of great concern.

If the Chief Minister has evidence to that effect, why is he not ordering a probe and taking stringent action against those few government servants? Instead of accusing government staff of corrupt deeds, Pramod Sawant should keep a vigil on his allegedly very corrupt Ministers and the huge wealth they are acquiring. Making such sweeping baseless accusations against Government officials is both insulting and de-moralizing.

Infact over the last few years the job scamsters Vinod Desai and Deepashree Mhato while bragging on their close connections with top BJP brass have duped hundreds of youth to the tune of crores. They have told their victims that the money was shared with senior BJP leaders. Will the Chief Minister dare to direct that the police must by a public notice, call for a meeting of all those duped so that the accused scamsters of this very mega job scam are brought to book. The BJP leaders involved in this loot should also not be spared.

Another outburst by the Chief Minister that 20% of the bureaucracy is not working only further exposes the sheer administrative impotency of Pramod Sawant. And how has he quantified at 20% that figure of idling government staff? Is it a figure he plucked out of thin air?

Mr. Chief Minister you have been in the saddle for over three months. With that honeymoon period now over, you should stop blabbering and start performing or make way for someone competent and honest who can steer our now sinking Goa grappled with a host of serious pending issues through the current storm.

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