The sole focus of this BJP led government has been to innovate every possible politrik to reign in straying politicians. But given the fact that the government has been unable to keep its promise of making the roads of Goa ‘pothole-free’, will the authorities at least ensure that our roads are cattle free.

The alarming number of stray cattle on the roads across Goa including the highways is a matter of great concern and should be dealt with as a priority. There is no point reminding this insensitive government about the grave menace of stray dogs which today has reached alarming levels plaguing every nook and corner of the State.

The frustrated people of Goa are at the end of their tether, caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. On our pathetic roads, they are at the mercy of the stray cattle and dogs besides the rabid corrupt politicians who keep raiding and crippling the State Exchequer. On our Mandovi River, they are subjected to the social evil of the casinos, the cash cow of some politicians.

As taxpayers, the people have the right and expectation that they will be free to go about their business without any let or hindrance from an uncaring government, stray animals or a gambling mafia.

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