Finally the day has dawned. Let us vote decisively and fearlessly to entrust Subhash Velingkar the gigantic task of steering a sinking Panaji through the woods.

By voting for the BLACKBOARD let us elect the very knowledgeable educationist Subhash Velingkar who is neither Corrupt nor Tainted and with no skeletons whatsoever.

We cannot accept the BJP and its very corrupt Smart city rogue Sidharth Kuncalienker, neither the awfully tainted Babush Monseratte with very serious criminal cases pending against him. The Aam Aadmi Party, a Delhi based local party is a misfit in Goa. So amongst those in the fray, none other than Subhash Velingkar with his intellectual ability and competence can as a breath of fresh air usher in the changes desperately needed to rescue a rotting Panaji.

With our conscience let us exercise our precious Vote judiciously by electing the best of the lot. Let us not be influenced by caste or creed, neither be swayed by any other consideration. Panaji deserves the best and Subhash Velingkar with his honesty, competence and integrity is capable to deliver what the people of Panaji desperately need. May Panaji decide the best way Forward.


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